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Why I Moved Crypto from Coinbase to BlockFi

• 6 min

Why I transferred my Bitcoin and Ethereum to BlockFi. I'm leaving Coinbase. Done with paying fees when I buy Bitcoin. I moved to BlockFi so I can earn interest. You can too: Sign up for BlockFi with my referral code here. And read more: Details on my blog here. Also mentioned: Fail: Allstate insurance - poor customer experience in the claim portal (UX needs improved). Win: Mercury Bank (the startup bank) - wonderful experience. Bottom line: user experience must be easy and you can't take advantage of customers anymore, like charging fees. Brokerage firms don't anymore but someone had to move first. That is how it works in a competitive market. Schwab's $4.95 per trade is long gone. Connect the dots: serve your customers in a competitive manner, from UX to offering and features and simply making their lives easier or richer. Do that and you'll win. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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