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Always Show Your Hands - Body Language Tips for Video

• 4 min

Hidden hands make you look less trustworthy. Here are some tips for showing your hands to signal trustworthiness on video, Zoom, or when presenting. We're evolutionarily wired to distrust someone when we can't see their hands. Inspo: watch this video to see how I keep my hands visible: YouTube- Emily Binder Interview with David Armstrong, Editor in Chief at WealthManagement.com: Jolt! 2022: Emily Binder on the Power of an Advisor's Voice—Literally. Full article on Wealth Management here - WMTV Jolt video interview recap. If you missed it: how you can improve first impressions by mastering your tone of voice (part of body language) in this episode: 3 Speaking Tips- Difference Between Pitch, Tone and Inflection with David Binder from April 19, 2022. Listen for a 10% off promo code to book a consultation with me at emilybinder.com/call The 7-38-55 rule indicates that only 7% of all communication is done through verbal communication (the actual words), whereas the nonverbal component of our daily communication, such as tonality of voice and body language, make up 38% and 55% respectively. Vanessa Van Edwards gives great presentation tips on YouTube: 7 Powerful Hand Gestures You Should Be Using Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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