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Stop Losing HALF Your Hard-Earned Clients: Retention Marketing Tips

• 8 min

Lack of communication is costing you hard-earned clients. Example - financial services: Advisors average $3,100 CAC per client. 54% of clients: "I changed financial advisors" in 2023. Why: weak comms.47% of clients w/over $500,000 AUM want to hear from advisor at least monthly.But most advisors reach out much less. Via YCharts, 2023 Timestamps: (0:07) Communication Builds Trust (0:43) Body Language - Science of Trust: Show Hands (1:20) Shocking YCharts Survey: High Rate of Advisor Switching (2:03) Cost of Losing Clients (5:20) Great marketing comms example: Rubin Miller with Peltoma Capital (blog, LinkedIn, emails) (6:05) 90% of people don't trust ads (6:55) ThinkersOne Links: Avg fin advisor CAC $3100 YCharts survey HT Samantha Russell Order videos or Zoom drop-in - ThinkersOne (Love Bombed/Ghosted) Related video: Why Content Marketing Will Save You Money Vanessa Van Edwards - hands (trust) My podcast tools: Record: emilybinder.com/riversideEdit with AI: emilybinder.com/descriptGear: beetlemoment.com/gear Hire me: Speaking: emilybinder.com/speaking Coaching call: emilybinder.com/call Connect: Podcast | My website | Beetle Moment Marketing | LinkedIn | X | IG | YouTube | Email updates Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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