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The Perfect Length for a Podcast

• 4 min

What is the perfect length for a podcast? Audience attention span in general is anywhere from 7 minutes to 20 minutes, but rarely more. The 7-minute attention span stat (for any medium, including a speech) comes from 100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People by Susan Weinschenk. However, according to WeEditPodcasts, the attention we give podcasts is like the attention we give lectures, which is about 20 minutes. Plus, hear results of a poll conducted amongst you (my listeners) about the length of this show. (Got it, you don't love 1-minute episodes.) Join me at Jolt Conference in May: "One of the Best Financial Advisor Conferences to Choose from in 2022" via Michael Kitces. At Jolt: learn how to build and engage your audience at "Modern Strategies for Maximum Reach and Impact" on 5/5. I’ll be speaking alongside some of the best in marketing and voice. My panel includes Taylor Schulte, CFP®, Alex Cavalieri, Matt Halloran, Influence Accelerator, and David Armstrong. Stacked. Listen for a promo code to register at joltconference.com! May 4-6, 2022 in Las Vegas. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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