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Sell the Problem You Solve, Not the Product You Have

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"Sell the problem you solve, not the product you have." See tweet from J Cornelius at Nine Labs (great UX design firm in Atlanta). Your challenge this week is to stop yourself every time you begin an email, social post, sales pitch, or conversation with the words "I" or "we". In describing your work, force yourself to make the word "you" the subject of the sentence instead of "I" or "we". Doing this will probably 2x your engagement. Tweet me and let me know it goes after trying it for 7 days: @emilybinder. Examples and accounts mentioned: MarketingExamples.com - copywriting examples and more. See the LinkedIn post with the 1900s laundry ad with copy A with "we" vs. copy B with "you". B wins.Follow Samantha Russell for marketing tips on LinkedIn - and here is Samantha's curated list of helpful people to follow for different areas of marketing and business.See my favorite Marketing Examples tips on writing a CTA (Call to Action): Four tips for writing a CTA. Subscribe to "Voice Marketing with Emily Binder" on Alexa Flash Briefing: 1) Enable the Skill at the link above 2) Say, "Alexa, Flash Briefing." Subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts, or leave a rating or review on Spotify, Apple, or Alexa at the easy button links here: emilybinder.com/podcast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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