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How to Become an Amazon Associate (Get Paid When You Share Products)

• 3 min

Want to earn commissions on products you're already recommending to people? If you ever share Amazon product links to friends (think iMessage), your social media audience, your email list, or your blog readers, then become an Amazon Associate so you can earn commissions. It's a free program. If you're advertising or recommending products, you might as well get paid. Sign up to become an Amazon Associate: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/home You just click to share your Associates text link instead of the standard product URL when sharing a product (books are perfect for this). Level up with Amazon Idea Lists (like "Work From Home") on your Amazon Storefront - check mine out for ideas (podcast equipment recs, tech gear, etc.): https://www.amazon.com/shop/emilybinder Examples: The links in the description of this podcast equipment setup and review are Associates links: Best Podcast Mic: Blue Yeti vs Shure SM7B. TOTAL SetupAmazon Associates link to a book Rubin recommended: https://amzn.to/3Wc4W6e ("You Are Not So Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, Why Your Memory Is Mostly Fiction, an d 46 Other Ways You're Deluding Yourself") Follow Rubin Miller's blog: Fortunes and Frictions Investment Blog Follow @RubinJMiller on Twitter (he recommends great books and has excellent investing advice): https://twitter.com/RubinJMiller This podcast is not sponsored. It's just a tip to earn you some money while doing what you're already doing. Subscribe free, rate and review this podcast: emilybinder.com/podcast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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