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Why Marketing Costs You 3x Too Much (Missing One Thing)

• 8 min

So many companies think they're saving money by not hiring an internal marketing leader and relying solely on outside resources, but it ends up costing them more. Yes, you can outsource some marketing work. Strategists, freelancers, and marketing tools / SaaS / vendors can be great additions. But who is managing them from a strategic perspective, and does that person really understand the playbook and have the skillset to know if all the resources are delivering value? If not, you're running the field without a workable plan. Watch this on YouTube: youtube.com/emilybinder Exclusive offers for Future Proof Festival including brand messaging strategy and podcast production: beetlemoment.com/futureproof Book a coaching session: emilybinder.com/call Links mentioned: "All marketing is one of three things" episode: "Don't Do Marketing, Be Marketable. (Threads dead, baby?)" Video here Play on Spotify My favorite podcast tools: Riverside is the best way to record an audio or video podcast: https://emilybinder.com/riversideDescript is the BEST tool to easily edit audio or video like a Word doc. You will never go back. https://emilybinder.com/descriptPodcast gear I love: Amazon Idea List ThinkersOne Videos! Order a 2-min personalized event invite, Zoom drop-in, or virtual keynote. Menu: emilybinder.com/thinkersone Rate / review / subscribe to this show: emilybinder.com/podcast Follow & connect: My website | Beetle Moment Marketing | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Get email updates Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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