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How to Turn Your Blog Post into a Mini-Podcast

• 4 min

Your blog posts are perfect inspiration and content for mini-podcasts, voice briefings, or audiograms (voice content under five minutes long). Here's how I turned our latest blog post into a WealthVoice (a mini-podcast shared on Alexa). The blog post: 3 Charts: 2022 Stats on Voice Assistant Use, Smart Speakers, and Podcast Listening Devices Try it and get voice updates (about once a month): 1) Enable WealthVoice on Alexa (Quick Link) and get hands-free updates on voice marketing. 2) Say: "Alexa, open WealthVoice." Or one-shot phrase to skip to the briefing: "Alexa, ask WealthVoice for the update." Check out how others are using Alexa Skills for content marketing, and get voice marketing ideas and tips: @WealthVoiceAI on Instagram. Set up your hands-free homepage and mini-podcasts: Request a demo at WealthVoice.ai (where you manage your custom Alexa Skill). Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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