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You Should Read Your Blog Aloud: Spoken Word Audio Up 40%

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Spoken word audio listening is up 40% in the past seven years, and up 8% year over year, with the share of time spent listening to spoken word audio reaching 28% of time spent with all audio. Via Edison Research Smart Audio Report 2021 - stats here According to Edison Research VP Megan Lazovick: "While the growth in listening is really astounding, what stands out from this research is the use of spoken word audio for intrapersonal needs. The young listeners I spoke with turn to spoken word audio for help navigating life's problems, making meaningful connection, and discovering new points of view - spoken word is, for some, an antidote to a superficial social media world." Real world example: Financial advisor Brian Plain makes his blog posts into spoken word audio, available as a podcast and with the audio player embedded at the top of every post. See it here: Why now is the time to take your financial temperature -- or tap in and hear Brian's blog post on Spotify show Brian Plain's Audio Articles. Simple works (retweet this idea). Do this with your blog! Bonus level up: sync your audio blog/podcast RSS feed to WealthVoice to create your custom Alexa Skill, which is your hands-free homepage. Request a demo. Book a call: emilybinder.com/call Want help with your marketing or setting up audio for your blog? Book a 1-hour marketing consultation with me: https://emilybinder.com/call/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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