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Domination and Submission Everyday: Your Conversations Explained

• 5 min

Domination and submission are natural and important parts of human interaction. By understanding and mastering these states, we can improve our communication skills and achieve success in our personal and professional lives. However, each state has both a negative and positive (whether manipulative in the negative dominant, or inferior in the negative submissive). In most scenarios, a healthy conversation allows both speakers to fluidly trade dom/sub states. But not in an interview (e.g. job interview or guest/host podcast interview). Hear the tip I gave to one of my podcast clients who's a first-time podcast host. Episode inspired by Kasia Urbaniak's work. Kasia is a speaker and coach who specializes in power dynamics and interpersonal communication. While studying to be a Taoist nun, she one of NYC's most successful dominatrices. Kasia's video: One simple trick to reclaim your power | Kasia Urbaniak | TEDxRosario Kasia's book: Unbound -- Connect with me: ThinkersOne: Buy a personalized video greeting from me to say thanks, invite someone to an event, or give a pep talk to your client or colleague. Or order a 15-minute Zoom drop-in on ThinkersOne. Rate / review / subscribe to this show as a podcast or Alexa Flash Briefing: emilybinder.com/podcast Book a marketing coaching session: emilybinder.com/call Social and email: My website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Get email updates Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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