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Swipe & Sell: The Missing Double Opt-In in Modern Dating AND Business

• 4 min

Online dating is broken the same way most sales and marketing are broken. Look at: Free trials. Previews. Phone screening for online dating so that the first date is a date, and not a meeting to get the double opt-in that would have happened in nature. A blind sales pitch without know-like-and-trust or a product preview has the same pitfalls in marketing a product as it does with a potential relationship. Screens / trials / previews create better outcomes. In a sales offer, you want to have a low time delay and a low perceived effort (that's the bottom half of Hormozi's value equation). The top half is the dream outcome and the likelihood of success. E.g.: "This person looks great. This product looks great. It looks like I'm going to have a high chance of success with meeting them or buying it. But what about the time delay and the perceived effort?" In this episode, more parallels between business and dating! One of my favorite topics. P.S. Dating is also just like hiring / job search for employee and employer. Links: Book: "$100 Million Offers" by Alex Hormozi (the Kindle version is $1.99, paperback is $21) Blog post: How to Keep Your LinkedIn Experience Spam-Free Related episode: Positioning Your Product or Service Unlike Online Dating Profiles My favorite podcast tools: Riverside is the best way to record an audio or video podcast: https://emilybinder.com/riversideDescript is the BEST tool to easily edit audio or video like a Word doc. You will never go back. https://emilybinder.com/descript ThinkersOne Videos! Buy a 2-min personalized video, Zoom drop-in, or virtual keynote. Shop menu: emilybinder.com/thinkersone Rate / review / subscribe to this show: emilybinder.com/podcast Book a marketing coaching session: emilybinder.com/call Follow & connect: My website | Beetle Moment Marketing | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Get email updates Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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