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74% of Friendships Can End Over $500

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Friendship + money = problems. Watch my new video with Brittney Castro, CFP: Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Friendships "One of the craziest things the survey found was how little was required to end a friendship. Almost three-quarters of respondents said they would end a friendship over $500 — and 40% said they would end one if the dispute was just $100." Bank of America (BAC) commissioned a survey of 1,000 nationally representative respondents in 2017: "Money was cited as the fourth largest cause of stress in friendships after jealousy, gossip, and disagreements, and not something people like to talk about with friends. According to the data, the only thing people enjoy talking about less, apparently, is personal hygiene. 53% of people said they’d seen a friendship end over money, a fact that led 77% of respondents in the survey to believe that an IOU is harmful to a friendship." Source: New data shows how much money it takes to ruin a friendship - Yahoo Finance Rate, review, and subscribe free to this podcast wherever you listen (including Alexa Flash Briefing): Voice Marketing with Emily Binder mini podcast and Alexa Flash Briefing Book a marketing consultation with me (30 or 60 minutes): https://emilybinder.com/call Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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