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New Shure SM7B vs MV7 Review + Content Marketing Tip + YouTube ChatGPT Hack

• 4 min

New video with a deep review of the famous Shure SM7B mic (XLR) vs the convenient, less expensive Shure MV7 (USB or XLR): watch on YouTube. Plus: SAG strike, thoughts on AI, timing of marketing content, and the power of timestamps for long form content digestibility and SEO. Links mentioned: New mic review video - see blog: beetlemoment.com/gear YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude (Chrome Extension) Breaking the Rules: How Inconsistency Can Benefit Your Creative Process Timestamps: 0:10 New podcast mic review video (YouTube) 2:14 Delegation is not my strength in this area 2:45 Tool / hack: YouTube Summary with ChatGPT (Chrome Extension) 3:25 Nitrogen Fearless Investor Summit 3:54 My Truman Show (and yours) My favorite podcast tools: Riverside is the best way to record an audio or video podcast: https://emilybinder.com/riversideDescript is the BEST tool to easily edit audio or video like a Word doc. You will never go back. https://emilybinder.com/descript ThinkersOne Videos! Order a 2-min personalized event invite, Zoom drop-in, or virtual keynote. Menu: emilybinder.com/thinkersone Rate / review / subscribe to this show: emilybinder.com/podcast Book a coaching session: emilybinder.com/call Follow & connect: My website | Beetle Moment Marketing | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Get email updates Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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