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5 Tools and Process to Make Your Short Podcast or Flash Briefing

• 5 min

Tools I use to make this mini pod (not sponsored): 1) Evernote: Jot down ideas for podcast topics. Use bullet points. Research a couple stats or add a story later. Put your script or outline then do at least two takes to distill the information. 2) Microphone: Shop my podcast microphone Amazon Idea List here. Watch my review and podcast gear setup: Video: Best Podcast Mic: Blue Yeti vs Shure SM7B. TOTAL Setup 3) GarageBand or Audacity (both free) 4) Podcast host: I like Acast. Promo: Get a $25 Amazon gift card when you sign up for a year of podcast hosting with Acast Open’s Influencer Plan here. 5) Audiogram tool: I use GetAudiogram.com - thanks Neal. Book a marketing consultation: emilybinder.com/call. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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