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Radio Shack Ad from 1991 - Why It's Optimistic for Inflation

• 3 min

Here's a reason you should feel optimistic in regards to inflation over the long term: Inflation was at 8.58% in May 2022 (via YCharts inflation data). This Radio Shack ad from 1991 has 15 electronic devices, 13 of which you essentially have today in a single device in your pocket (your smartphone). A new iPhone today costs about $1000. The Echo Show 5 (Amazon Alexa smart speaker) is normally $84.99, but today it's selling for $34.99 (grab one here because that's a steal). This device does most of the same things, and in ways, it does even more because it's powered by Alexa / AI and is voice-controlled. The cost of the computer alone in 1991 was $1599. $1,599 in 1991 is worth $3,431.58 today. This is Moore's Law at play, and it's also reason for hope. See my tweets with graphics explaining this: Everything from this 1991 Radio Shack ad you can now do with your phone. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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