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Charm Pricing: Why Over 60% of Prices End in the Number 9

• 4 min

The alluring thing about 99-cent pricing (known as charm pricing) is that it feels like a sale price. It's a game stores have played with us for decades. Learn about charm pricing, the anchor effect of a price ending in 9 or 99, and whether it's right for your product or service. Topics: Charm pricing: higher prices ending in a "9" will actually outperform lower prices – on the very same product (typically)Vanity pricing for considered purchases (HNW or luxury goods)5s are not good. $5000 is especially bad. #anecdotalHow to know if your brand aligns with charm pricing or vanity pricingHistoric marketing inspiration story: the successful marketing strategy that launched the Chicago Daily News for 1 cent in 1875 even though there weren't enough pennies in circulation ThinkersOne videos: Buy a personalized video greeting for your team or a Zoom drop-in or keynote on ThinkersOne: https://thinkersone.com/collections/featured-though-leaders/products/emily-binder?variant=41990647480488 Rate / review / subscribe to this show as a podcast or Alexa Flash Briefing: emilybinder.com/podcast Follow me/connect: My website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Get email updates Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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