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How Long Should a Podcast Be?

• 4 min

Expand your definition of a podcast! Length can vary widely. This episode is about how long your podcast should be. One size does not fit all. Mini-podcasts should be about 3-5 minutes for a solo speaker (like this show). For most interview podcasts, the sweet spot for episode length is 20-40 minutes. Survey stats: In a recent podcast discoverability and listening habits survey, 18.8% of respondents said they “feel put off by shorter episodes of 15 minutes or less”, whilst 32% said they “feel put off by longer episodes of an hour or more”. Source: The Podcast Host - How Long Should a Podcast Be? Tweet me @emilybinder and let me know your favorite podcast length. Mistake to avoid: a long or unappealing intro (especially for shorter shows). If you are using stock music for your podcast intro/outro, stop! It's like borrowing a clipart logo from Google Images. You risk having matching music as another show. This hurts brand perception. Level up with custom sonic branding: We compose your custom podcast music at WealthVoice, whether you're a customer or not: Request a custom sonic branding quote and hear sample music. Subscribe free to this show on your podcast app and as an Alexa Flash Briefing: emilybinder.com/podcast. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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