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Adrenaline and FOMO - Record Low Stock Holding Periods

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The average holding period for US stocks has been declining for many years now. In the 1940s the average duration was 7 years. By the turn of this century it had fallen to below 1 year. A recent study in early 2020 by researchers at wealth management firm MFS showed the holding period for NYSE-listed was 9 months. A Reuters article noted that the average holding period for US stocks has declined to 5-1/2 months in June 2020. The previous record low of six months was hit just after the 2008 crisis. In 1999, for example, 14 months was the average. Today, the temptation is clear: information is instant, trading commissions are low or $0. Trading can be exciting. Some people consider it a hobby. Some act like it's gambling. Statistically, more active trading is hazardous to your wealth . Adrenaline and FOMO fuel active trading and characterize our daily existence online. Nick Maggiulli's blog I mentioned - check out this post: Why You Shouldn’t Pick Individual Stocks See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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