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You're Still Consuming Podcasts Passively

• 3 min

Podcasting is still mostly operating in a Web 2.0 way. It needs to be voice interactive to reach its full potential. Some podcasts have begun doing this with custom voice experiences, where you can browse episodes by asking the voice assistant for a certain topic or guest name. Indexing is just beginning and it will be hands-free. We are podcasting inside of a limited medium: the RSS feed. We're measuring it there, too. Podcasts are still consumed passively but are being monetized like a medium that's consumed more actively (like social media). There is an opportunity here to make this voice-first medium operate in a more evolved way than the current Web 2.0 style. See what this active consumption will sound like: I voice-enabled my other podcast (Beetle Moment Marketing Podcast). I may publish more episodes but the archive is chock full of evergreen, great interviews. Try it: To enable on Alexa, say: “Alexa, enable Beetle Moment.” To enable on Google Assistant, say: “Hey Google, talk to Beetle Moment.” Or use the links at beetlemoment.com/podcast and check out any of our episodes about voice marketing, Alexa, podcasting, startups and more. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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