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How to Spring Clean Your Business & Avoid Project Fatigue

• 14 min

The Third Paddle podcast is now Women Conquer Business. We talk about what that means and how to spring clean your business while avoiding project fatigue. Full description of the rebranding from Third Paddle to Women Conquer Business (long story short, it's the same show with a new name to make it easier for people to find and know who the audience is): https://www.jenmcfarland.com/third-paddle-podcast/ Women Conquer Business store: https://www.jenmcfarland.com/shop Go to the Women Conquer Business homepage and record your questions from your device so we can answer on a future podcast episode: https://www.jenmcfarland.com/podcast/ Also, all things Third Paddle are still operational. If you have an email address or website bookmarked, it still works.

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