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The ROI of Laughter and Joy (Yes Even Now!)

• 33 min

Lori Martin and Susan Kuehl share with us how critical laughter is to building a successful business — especially during uncertain times. If you’d like to learn more about how genuine joy, laughter, and humor can build team cohesion, encourage employees to be themselves in the workplace, and as a result help you increase productivity and retain employees longer, you are in the right place. Show Notes Handouts ROI of Laughter - Bank on It Curiosity Conquers Fear More Than Bravery Misc. Thing We Talked About Caldwell Idaho Police Department Lip Sync Challenge Video About Our Guests Consilio is committed to defining success in human terms. They are a training and development consultancy founded in 2008. Although based in Boise, Idaho, Consilio advises companies throughout the United States and train Strengths-based curriculum internationally. They are a diverse team with over 70 years of collective experience in financial institutions, non-profits, healthcare, startups, family legacy, construction and development, education and professional services. Consilio Website Meet Lori Martin Lori is a Communication Strategist, Executive Facilitator, and Team Dynamic Coach. Lori believes that if you aren’t happy with your career, your leadership, or your life, you can forge a new way forward and that anyone can choose to live life with passion. She knows that people desire to be part of teams that give them the confidence to excel and be appreciated. Lori loves working with leaders who ask the hard questions and act on the answers that will empower people around them to live more vibrant, fulfilling lives. "Leadership is about passion. Passion for what you do, for people and for the culture you want. "  Connect on LinkedIn Meet Susan Kuehl Susan is a Culture Strategist, Performance Coach, and Mindset Trainer. She sees commonalities and leverages individual strengths to create teams engaged in the big picture of the company. She will ask the tough questions, cut to the source and provide a way forward. Susan believes that through neuro-based strategies people can excel in any environment. People will thrive when they are valued for who they are and given the opportunity to grow without boundaries. "I want to empower people to cut through the mental clutter."  Connect on LinkedIn

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