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How to Implement Agile to Pivot Quicker

• 30 min

Today we talk about the quickest way to pivot your business during difficult, uncertain times. Rose Désauguste describes in detail how your business can implement the agile methodology, and a few related tactics such as Lean, Lean Marketing, and Scrum even if you’re new to these concepts. If you’d like to learn more about how to look at data, meet customer demands, and spin up products and ideas quickly, you are in the right place. Rose came on the show before to talk about Purpose-Driven Leadership. She's amazing! If you love learning about concepts like this, join our Free Business Growth Accelerator to get access to even more tools. Read the Show Notes Meet Rose Désauguste Rose Désauguste is an impact entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of HueLixir. HueLixir is a digital growth agency with the mission of helping passionate entrepreneurs and startups to achieve greater impact, profits, and sustainability with innovative strategies and modern techniques. Rose has led digital transformation for companies of various sizes and industries, including Fortune 100 companies.  Through HueLixir, she offers consulting, programs, and services that allow overwhelmed entrepreneurs to simplify and optimize their businesses from the inside out. Rose is a strong advocate for using business and technology as a force for good. Where to find Rose Huelixir Website Find Rose on LinkedIn

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