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How to Start Planning Your Business Projects

• 20 min

Have you ever wondered how to get started with the planning process? This episode will help you get started with the nuts-and-bolts and the key things to consider before you start working on tasks. Learn why planning is essentialHow to navigate planned vs. actualWhy mapping out timelines and budgeting is important If you'd like to learn the Crazy Simple Sweet Spot to Reach Your Goals download your copy today. References: Eisenhower quote article WCB Podcast Projects Series: Your Life And Business Are A Series of Projects Demystifying the Most Successful Business Projects How to Choose Your Business’ Next Project How to Start Planning Your Business Projects About Host Jen McFarland Jen McFarland loves the power of projects, intentionality, and aligned action. While living and teaching as a Peace Corps volunteer Kazakhstan she realized how much she loved projects. She became attuned to the fact that projects drive everything we do. It’s about listening and learning and creating solutions to the problems nagging us day after day. After Peace Corps and getting a master's degree in Leadership and Management, Jen led large-scale public sector projects affecting over 50,000 businesses, handling millions of dollars. Today, she consults with business owners on leadership, strategic project planning, and digital marketing. She also hosts a weekly women in business podcast called Women Conquer Business. ​Join our Free VIP Library, a Business Growth Accelerator, filled with business growth hacks.

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