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Why Your Entrepreneurial Spirit is Important

• 31 min

How do small business owners and entrepreneurs differ? The differences affect things like goal-setting and decision making. We also talk about why the entrepreneurial spirit is important and how to engage with other effectively when exercising your entrepreneurial muscles. References: The Four Types of Entrepreneurship: http://casnocha.com/2011/02/the-four-types-of-entrepreneurship.html 5 Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Spirit: https://www.inc.com/matt-ehrlichman/5-characteristics-of-entrepreneurial-spirit.html How To Build An Entrepreneurial Mindset In Your Organization & Yourself: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-build-entrepreneurial-mindset-your-organization-yourself-onesto Are You a Small-Business Owner or an Entrepreneur? The Difference Is Important. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/233919

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