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"It's DELIVERANCE with Demons, but no butt stuff...!" - PUMPKINHEAD (1988)

• 102 min

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to MARCEL FONTAINE. *********************************************************** "Keep away from Pumpkinhead unless you're tired of living. His enemies are mostly dead. He's mean and unforgiving." -from the poem PUMPKINHEAD by ED JUSTIN From the acrid, dust-choked desert comes a rural American folktale of vengeance, witchcraft and violent death. LANCE HENRIKSEN plays Ed Harley, a simple store owner in a backwater desert community, whose son Billy (MATTHEW HURLEY) is tragically killed in a motorcycle accident caused by a group of reckless city folks who then flee the scene. With the help of a local witch (FLORENCE SHAUFFLER), Harley calls upon a demon of vengeance called Pumpkinhead to deliver blood-soaked retribution upon the offending youths. Here to help me sort through this tangled web of eye-for-an-eye avengement, community responsibility and redemption are OSO EWERT, director of SACRAMENT and owner of OSO SCRUFFY NATURAL BEARD BRAND, and Reverand BEN FITZGERALD-FYE, pastor of SCIPIOVILLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. PUMPKINHEAD is currently available to watch on TUBI. The film was directed by four-time Academy Award-winning special effects master STAN WINSTON and also stars JEFF EAST, a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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