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Sex, Death and Speedos: Welcome to THE ESTATE (2020)

• 100 min

If you enjoyed this episode, say THANK YOU and SUPPORT THE SHOW with a one-time donation at ***** You know how I love a movie full of rich obnoxious jerks who are all secretly trying to murder each other so they can inherit a mountain of money? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE MOVIES! Except it's also SUPER GAY! THE ESTATE is the wickedly hilarious brainchild of writer/star CHRIS BAKER and his IRL partner, director JAMES KAPNER. It's the story of rich spoiled egotistical George and his rich spoiled gold-digging sex-hungry stepmom who seduce/hire a hot bisexual hitman to help them take down the cruel manipulative family patriarch, so they can inherit his massive estate. The only thing is...murder is a lot like potato chips. It's hard to stop at just one. For a movie this twisted, I need a guest host who is even more twisted, and that could only be the fabulous TRAE DEAN. My apologies to CHRIS BAKER whom my COVID Foggy brain insisted on calling "Chris Baxter" throughout the recording. THE ESTATE is currently available on HULU or wherever you rent movies. THE ESTATE stars CHRIS BAKER, ELIZA COUPE, GREG FINLEY, ERIC ROBERTS, HEATHER MATARAZZO, EZRA BUZZINGTON and ALEXANDRA BILLINGS. Visit us at a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"...

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