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IT CAME FROM THE 70's - "Home for the Holidays" (1972)

• 79 min

Think spending the holidays with your family is stressful? Meet the Morgan family. Their family get-togethers are killer. All aboard Polyester Airlines flight to the night of November 27, 1972: the night the Christmas proto-slasher HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS premiered on ABC. You can expect: -A truly knockout cast of heavy-hitting women. -Pulpy dialogue. -Fraught melodrama. -Perfectly timed thunderclaps. -Pitchfork murders -Worst. Christmas. EVER! Your copilot on this very wet journey into Christmas carnage is author DANIEL W. KELLY from the BOYS BEARS & SCARES blog and the Comfort Cove horror-erotica series ("No Place for Little Ones", "Horny Devils", "Wet Screams"). HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS was directed by JOHN LLEWLYN MOXEY, written by JOSEPH STEFANO and stars SALLY FIELD, JULIE HARRIS, JESSICA WALTER, ELEANOR PARKER, JILL HAWORTH and WALTER BRENNAN. The movie is currently available on YouTube for free.  Visit us at Follow us on FACEBOOK a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"...

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