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Bonus: FRIDAY THE 13TH THE SERIES - "Master of Disguise"

• 99 min

ScreamQueenz is still on hiatus for health reasons, so enjoy this peek behind the Patreon paywall at an episode of DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS: The FRIDAY THE 13TH THE SERIES Retrospective Podcast. In this episode, we're discussing "Master of Disguise" from Season Two in which a cursed makeup kit wreaks deadly havoc on a movie set. Here's why this episode ROCKS: It's directed by Tom McLoughlin (Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives, One Dark Night)It has the ONLY gay character in the entire franchise!It stars soap opera hunk & forgotten gay icon John Bulger (General Hospital, Parting Glances).It has some of gnarliest kills we've seen.Micki wears CLAMDIGGERS!!! If you haven't seen the episode, you can watch it here on YouTube, and then come play with Maya Murphy, Trae Dean and I at the Very Curious Curio Shop. If you like what you heard, unlock the whole back catalog of DAMN YOU UNCLE LEWIS by becoming a patron at Visit us at Follow us on FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE. Get access to THE FINAL REEL, "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" and all other Premium ScreamQueenz PATREON Content for as little as $5 a month. Find out more at Get all your SCREAMQUEENZ MERCHANDISE and browse our entire catalog of hand-curated designs at SCREAMTEEZ. Visit CAPTIVATE.FM is the only podcast host dedicated to helping your podcast grow. Try them out for free for 7 days at Don't settle for subpar sound. Get a free 7 day trial of SQUADCAST.FM - Remote Recordings For Professional Podcasters at

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