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"Welcome to the House of VERY Dangerous Women" - THEY WAIT IN THE DARK (2023)

• 100 min

If you enjoyed this episode, say THANK YOU and SUPPORT THE SHOW with a one-time donation at ***** In THEY WAIT IN THE DARK, Amy and her son Adrian seek refuge in an old abandoned farmhouse to escape her dangerous ex-partner, but instead awaken a supernatural force determined to take the boy away from her forever. I am delighted to have special guests AGNI HOGABOOM (Beauty, The Beast and the B's) and Notorious Canadian TARA GARNER join me to help unlock all the secrets of this surprisingly queer ghost story gem. Listen to Agni on BEAUTY, THE BEAST AND THE B'S. Read Tara's interview with CINEMA CRAZED. THEY WAIT IN THE DARK was written and directed by PATRICK REA and stars SARAH MCGUIRE, PAIGE MARIA, PATRICK MCGEE, LAURIE CATHERINE WINKEL and TOBI OMODEHINDE. It is currently available to stream on TUBI and CRACKLE or wherever you buy and rent videos. Check out Patrick Rea's other films NAILBITER, a...

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