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*Repost* - We Always Hurt the Ones We Love - WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE (2018)

• 104 min

If you enjoyed this episode, say THANK YOU and SUPPORT THE SHOW with a one-time donation at What starts as an idyllic trip to the Canadian wilderness for two women celebrating their first wedding anniversary turns into a brutal battle for survival where no one is who they seem to be in WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE. Is this movie a new queer horror classic? Or is it homophobic? Helping me sort through the twisted web of deceit and violence are my two very special guests: fashion designer & cohost of Beauty, the Beast & the B's ANGI HOGABOOM and Actual Canadian TARA GARNER. **It would behoove you to watch this movie as cold as possible, and DO NOT WATCH THE SPOILER RIDDEN TRAILER.** Currently streaming on TUBI and SHUDDER. Check out Tara's interview on CINEMA CRAZED. WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE was written and directed by COLIN MINIHAN and stars BRITTANY ALLEN, HANNAH EMILY ANDERSON, MARTHA MACISAAC and JOEY KLEIN.

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