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Sororities, Secrets & Telekinesis: The Deadly Sisterhood of THE INITIATION OF SARAH (1978)

• 131 min

Get ready for a far-out flight to the grooviest decade ever when IT CAME FROM THE 70's takes over ScreamQueenz Studios to talk about everyone's favorite shameless CARRIE ripoff: the 1978 made-for-tv exercise in coded lesbianism and petty revenge known as THE INITIATION OF SARAH. There's something about this movie. It's a not-particularly scary carbon copy of the "Awkard Girl With Secret Powers Get Revenge" trope. By all rights, it should have been forgotten a long time ago. But it wasn't. And it's not just "remembered fondly". This movie is beloved. Join Patrick K. Walsh and his guest co-pilots TARA GARNER and KASEY LOMAN (Evil Goods Graphic Designs) as they explore the powerful hold SARAH has had on our hearts since we first met her 45 years ago. THE INITIATION OF SARAH is currently available to watch for free on YOUTUBE. This episode of IT CAME FROM THE 70s originally aired on July 23, 2023. IT CAME FROM THE 70s is available exclusively to our PATREON subscribers. Become a Patron here. Pick up some of Kasey Loman's fabulous FEMMES OF FRIGHT: Women in Horror collection at her Teepublic store. Directed by ROBERT DAY. Written by DON INGALLS, CAROL SERACENO, and KENETTE GFLELLER. Starring KAY LENZ, a...

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