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"I'm Not Investing in a Murder House..." - THE SELLING (2011)

• 96 min

Prepare your funny bone for some otherworldly ticklin', because for Episode 332, I unearthed a hidden gem of a haunted house comedy. In THE SELLING, a too-nice-for-his-own-good real estate agent is tricked into buying a house that was once owned by a long-dead serial killer. If that wasn't bad enough, the house is also EXTREMELY haunted. Can Richard defeat the ghosts, sell the house and save the day? (And is anybody gonna eat those leftover brownies???) To counteract the spectral scares, I'm adding some rugged sexuality to the mix, because my special guests are the follicularly blessed MICHAEL HOWIE ("Defender Radio") and CHRISTOPHER GRONLUND ("Men in Gorilla Suits", "Not About Lumberjacks"). THE SELLING was directed by EMILY LOU WILBUR and stars GABRIEL DIANI, ETTA DEVINE, JONATHAN KLEIN, JANET VARNEY, NANCY LENEHAN, BARRY BOSTWICK, SIMON HELBERG & HARRY GROENER July is GAY WRATH MONTH at the ScreamQueenz Virtual Drive-In featuring 5 movies designed to make them FEAR THE QUEERS! Click the links to view the trailers. 07/03 THE ESTATE 07/10 CAT PEOPLE (1942) 07/17 DEAD BOYZ DON'T SCREAM 07/24 WHAT KEEPS US ALIVE 07/30 GRIMM LOVE All screenings begin at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Titles and Schedules are subject to change. Visit at showtime to join. Visit us at a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"...

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