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"Atta boy, Luther!!!" - THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN (1966)

• 119 min

What happens when you combine the comedic genius of Don Knotts, a haunted house, and a cast of hilarious character actors? You get the 1966 comedy classic, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken! For this special birthday episode of ScreamQueenz, we're joined by the fabulous TRAE DEAN from "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" and STEPHEN WANGNER, founder of the Don Knotts Appreciation Society, to discuss the sheer brilliance of this movie and its enduring legacy. We'll dive into the wacky world of Don Knotts' comedy, explore the relationships between the film's unique characters, and celebrate the iconic lines that have withstood the test of time. From the charming Alma Cramer to the sly humor of Gaylord Patty, this film is jam-packed with laughs and memorable moments. Plus, believe it or not, there is actually some genuine queer representation in this film! So grab a slice of birthday cake and join us for a most inappropriate birthday party as we honor the legacy of Don Knotts and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken on this special episode of ScreamQueenz. THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN was directed by ALAN RAFKIN, written by JAMES FRITZELL, EVERETT GREENBAUM and ANDY GRIFFITH and stars DON KNOTTS, JOAN STALEY, DICK SARGENT, JESSALYN FAX and NYDIA WESSMAN Visit us at Follow us on FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE. Get access to THE FINAL REEL, "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" and all other Premium ScreamQueenz PATREON Content for as little as $5 a month. Find out more at Get all your SCREAMQUEENZ MERCHANDISE and browse our entire catalog of hand-curated designs at SCREAMTEEZ. Visit CAPTIVATE.FM is the only podcast host dedicated to helping your podcast grow....

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