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"I love your tongue..." - ZOMBIE STRIPPERS (2008)

• 93 min

This PATREON TAKEOVER Episode was made possible by the Sheer Fabulousness of SuperScreamer SuperStarz: THOMAS HARRIS The military has developed a new viral bioweapon that will turn ordinary civilians into Super Soldiers: fearless, relentless, unstoppable killing machines that Death itself cannot defeat. Except the virus never made it to the soldiers. It found itself a different kind of Warrior. Tonight, They Rise! But first, They dance. ALL HAIL THE ZOMBIE STRIPPERS! ZOMBIE STRIPPERS (2008) is not the kind of movie one might hear usually being discussed on ScreamQueenz. Therefore, I needed two guests who normally wouldn't be caught dead around...Unless I've asked them on to discuss something completely depraved: JOHN HERNANDEZ, Editor-in-chief of BEAR WORLD MAGAZINE and hairy hunky horny homo horror movie host STAN THE MECHANIC DEREK HAUGEN is an actor and writer best known for his work on GOOD COPS TV and I HAD A BLOODY GOOD TIME AT HOUSE HARKER ZOMBIE STRIPPERS! was written & directed by JAY LEE and stars JENNA JAMESON, ROBERT ENGLUND, ROXY SAINT, JENNIFER HOLLAND, SHAMRON MOORE, JEANETTE SOUSA, CARMIT LEVITEE and JOEY MEDINA. Visit us at Follow us on FACEBOOK a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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