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THE FINAL REEL: A Patreon Premium Podcast - "The Car" (1977) * "Pool Party Massacre" (2017)

• 54 min

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Stein Grainger. The previously announced episode on DEATH DROP GORGEOUS had to be unavoidably delayed in order to properly grieve the loss of a cherished friend. Instead, you're getting a previously recorded episode of THE FINAL REEL, which is one of the two podcasts that I produce exclusively for my Patreon Super Screamerz. In Pre-COVID days, TFR provided listeners with my hot takes on the major horror movie theatrical release; often before the films even released! Nowadays, it's morphed into a monthly mini-review highlight reel of my non-ScreamQueenz-related horror movie watched. If a movie really struck me as great, but it doesn't meet the Gay/Horror/High Trash/Low Art requirements to discuss on the main show, films that were exceptional but don't fit into the SQ-discussion mode, THE FINAL REEl is where I'll be putting my two cents in. And I never talk about ANY OF IT here on ScreamQueenstartz! (06:00) THE FINAL REEL begins In this episode of THE FINAL REEL, (originally released on May 22, 2019), I struggled to find any film worth talking about at all. That is, until just before record time when suddenly THREE movies practically lept into my lap. (09:30) - THE CAR In 1977, movie producers plotted to combine of THE EXORCIST and JAWS and make the most terrifying movie monster ever conceived!... Instead, they made THE CAR, a movie mostly remembered for being specularly UN-scary. (18:20) POOL PARTY MASSACRE A gaggle of obnoxious richy-rich Mean Teens is summarily slaughtered at the POOL PARTY MASSACRE (2017). And DETECTIVE POKEMON unexpectedly bucks the system and storms his way onto the show...and into my heart! (43:00) Return to Main Show for Thoughts and Thank you's ****** Please be aware that this episode was recorded during one of my days-long insomnia, so ... Be prepared for: GiddinessIncreased BabblingExtreme ThirstAttempted SaltinessDisturbing, Unexplained or Otherwise Inappropriate Sexual Fantasies about Director DREW MARVICK( whom I have never met and is probably a lovely person who hopefully won't take out a restraining order against me after this.) ***** Get access to THE FINAL REEL and all other Premium ScreamQueenz PATREON Content for as little as $3 a month. Find out more at ***** SUBSCRIBE to ScreamQueenz on your favorite podcatcher with just one click at ***** Leave a REVIEW at ***** Get all your SCREAMQUEENZ...

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