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"Get Ready for the Violence of the Lambs..." It is a fact that there are more sheep in New Zealand. This tidbit of truth makes the New Zealand-based horror-comedy BLACK SHEEP all the more delicious! Thanks to brilliant gooey, over-the-top gore and monster effects, the seemingly stupid concept of "killer sheep" becomes genuinely terrifying. Add a dryly hilarious script to balance out the bloodshed, and you've got one humdinger of a Kiwi horror-comedy! When ovinophobic Henry returns to his family's sheep farm for the first time in 15 years, little does he know that his brother Angus has been dabbling in some highly questionable genetic research on the flock. After a pair of bumbling animal rights activists break into Angus' secret lab, a mutant embryo escapes and infects the rest of the herd with a virus that turns them all from harmless herbivores into bloodthirsty murder machines. My extra special thanks to SuperScreamer Patron CHRIIS SCHAFFER for flexing her Patreon Power, suggesting this movie, saving the episode, supporting the show, and being an overall awesome person. BLACK SHEEP was written & directed by JONATHAN KING and stars OLIVER DRIVER, NATHAN MEISTER and TAMMY DAVIS. The MURDER BY DEATH episode featuring CHRYSTEN PEDDIE from KILLING YOUR DARLINGS has been postponed in light of the Atlanta shooting due to the film's anti-Asian humor. The Visibility Project is a national portrait and video collection dedicated to the queer Asian American women and transgender community. The Visibility Project aims to break barriers through powerful imagery and storytelling. You can donate to the project here and read individuals’ stories here. #StopAsianHate ***** Get access to THE FINAL REEL, "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" and all other Premium ScreamQueenz PATREON Content for as little as $5 a month. Find out more at ***** SUBSCRIBE to ScreamQueenz on your favorite podcatcher with just one click at ***** BUY ME A COFFEE at ***** Leave a a...

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