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THE PRICE OF FEAR starring VINCENT PRICE - "The Waxwork"

• 33 min

I'm in desperate need of a break, so while I'm gone I'm leaving you with the best babysitter I could find. Queer horror legend VINCENT PRICE. THE PRICE OF FEAR is a BBC old-time radio show which was first broadcast in 1973. It starred Uncle Vinnie as the Narrator and also an active participant in the ghoulish tales he gets mixed up in while traveling the world, making scary movies, and being fabulous. "The Waxwork" is based on the short story by A.M. BURRAGE story of the same name and centers on Vincent's chance encounter in London with a down-and-out writer he once worked with. The writer is attempting to revive his career with a publicity stunt that involves him writing a tale of terror while spending the night in MADAME TUSSAUD'S WAX MUSEUM's infamous CHAMBER OF HORRORS. What could possibly go wrong...? If you enjoyed THE PRICE OF FEAR, listen to the whole series for free at While Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors London location is no longer available, you can still see some vintage photos of its terrifying occupants at July is GAY WRATH MONTH at the ScreamQueenz Virtual Drive-In featuring 5 movies designed to make them FEAR THE QUEERS! Click the links to view the trailers. 07/03 THE ESTATE 07/10 CAT PEOPLE (1942) 07/17 DEAD BOYZ DON'T SCREAM 07/24 WHAT KEEPS US ALIVE 07/30 GRIMM LOVE All screenings begin at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Titles and Schedules are subject to change. Visit at showtime to join. Visit us at Follow us on FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE. Get access to THE FINAL REEL, "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" and all other Premium ScreamQueenz PATREON Content for as little as $5 a month. Find...

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