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Abbott & Costello's THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES (1946) with JOSH KREBS & LIZ RICHARDS (Bloody Date Night)

• 97 min

In ABBOTT & COSTELLO's charmingly SPOOKTACULAR comedy THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES, two ghosts (LOU COSTELLO & MARJORIE REYNOLDS) falsely accused of being traitors during the Revolutionary War must find a lost letter from George Washington that will prove their innocence and break their curse...all while scaring the pants of their manor home's current residents! Despite sharing almost no scenes together, this is one of the comic duo's best comedies and one of my all-time favorite comfort films. To share in the wholesome horrors, I'm joined by JOSH KREBS and LIZ RICHARDS from BLOODY DATE NIGHT. THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES directed by CHARLES BARTON stars BUD ABBOTT, LOU COSTELLO, MARJORIE REYNOLDS and GAYLE SONDERGAARD and BINNIE BARNES. ***** Vote for the holiday horror movie you want Allison, Bryan & I to cover in December at ***** Get the holiday shopping for your weirdest friends at SCREAMTEEZ: The Official ScreamQueenz Merchandise Store. ***** Check out SQUADCAST: Remote Recordings For Professional Podcasters free for 7 days at ***** CAPTIVATE.FM is the only hosting company actively engaged in helping your podcast grow. Get a 7-Day Free trial at

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