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1BR (2020) and THE SIREN (2019)

• 54 min

In celebration of the 11th Season of SCREAMQUEENZ: The Podcast where Horror Gets Gay, everything old is new again... I'm resurrecting THE CRAPSHOOT; the segment of the show where I dive headfirst into that vast sea of Direct-To-Video horror movie releases in search of that elusive Diamond in the ****Pile! And to add to the craziness, I'm making it a DOUBLE CRAPSHOOT! First up is 1BR (2020) written & directed by DAVID MARMOUR: Sarah (NICOLE BRYDON BROOM) is a young woman who moves to Los Angeles and a manages to find a sweet new apartment and a whole heap of deadly trouble 1BR was recommended by TRAE DEAN, and if THE CRAPSHOOT is is THE FIRING SQUAD! (Good luck, Trae....Nice knowing you!) Next up is THE SIREN (2019): In this dark fairy tale, three lost souls have an encounter on the banks of an idyllic lake: an innocent mute, a man consumed with loss, and a monster doomed to drown everyone she meets. THE SIREN was directed by PERRY BLACKSHEER ("They Look Like People") and stars MARGARET YING DRAKE, MACLOUD ANDREWS and EVAN DUMACHEL. ***** Pick up this episode's Featured Product, the "Bitch Please!" mug and all your ScreamQueenz merchandise at ScreamTeez: Our Official Merch Store! ***** Register to VOTE at ***** CAPTIVATE.FM is the World's Only Growth-Oriented Podcast Host. Get a 7-Day Free Trial at ***** SQUADCAST.FM provides Remote Recordings for Professional Podcasters. try it out for free at ***** Subscribe to ScreamQueenz: The Podcast Where Horror Gets Gay at Mentioned in this episode: SUNDAY NIGHT SCARY MOVIE PARTY Sunday, March 25: GRABBERS (2012) 8pm Eastern Time Please use Chrome or Firefox for best experience

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