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"The Night Has Its Price" - NEAR DARK (1987) - Women In Horror Month

• 90 min

Our #WomenInHorrorMonth celebration continues with an in-depth look at the 1987 vampire Western hybrid NEAR DARK directed and co-written by future Oscar-winner KATHERYN BIGELOW (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, Point Break, Blue Steel). My very special guests are PAUL STEVENSON (Who Will Survive?) and KELLY HOGABOOM. (Beauty, the Beast and the B's) You can expect: -Neck chewin' -Pelt trackin' -Bar brawlin' -Chest oilin' -Trucker tweakin' -Lassooin ' -Transfusin' -Rootin' -Tootin' -and at least 3 missed opportunities for gay porn to break out. Follow Kelly & Paul on IG at @kellyhogaboom and @paultstevenson Find out more about WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH at ***** NEAR DARK was directed by KATHRYN BIGELOW and stars ADRIAN PASDAR, JENNY WRIGHT, LANCE HENRIKSON, BILL PAXTON, JENETTE GOLDSTEIN and JOSHUA JOHN MILLER. ***** UPCOMING EVENTS: Sunday, February 27, 8pm Eastern "THE INHERITANCE" (2011) Watch Party Screening Saturday, March 5, 2pm Eastern "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" Livestream Patrons Only Sunday, March 6, 8 pm Eastern "LOOKER" - (1981) Watch Party Fundraiser Screening In Memory of Johnny Krueg Benefiting RedRover

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