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The FRIDAY THE 13TH Spectacular - 1980

• 95 min

Thirteen years ago, I began the tradition of the FRIDAY THE 13th SPECTACULAR where I set out to discuss the FRIDAY THE 13th series in a way I hadn't heard before. Now, I'm thirteen years older. I'm thirteen years wiser. It's time to go back to where it all started. I'm going back to Camp Crystal Lake. But this time...I'm not going alone. I've enlisted the help of two fabulous out, gay horror filmmakers, BART MASTRONARDI ("Vindication", "Tales of Poe") and MICHAEL VARRATI ("Tales of Poe", "Dragula", MIDNIGHT MASS Podcast), and together we discuss the artistry, psychology & staying power of the original FRIDAY THE 13TH in a way you have never heard before. ***** FRIDAY THE 13TH was directed by SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM, written by VICTOR MILLER, and stars BETSY PALMER, ADRIENNE KING, KEVIN BACON, JEANNINE TAYLOR, HARRY CROSBY, ROBBI MORGAN, LAURIE BARTRAM, MARK NELSON, and PETER BROUWER. Special effects by TOM SAVINI.

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