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The Problem With Being Busy

• 20 min

Do you take pride in having a busy schedule?  In today’s episode, I am talking about the pressure we have put on ourselves to always be busy. Not only do we live in a society that rewards being busy, but many times we fall into the trap of thinking that being busy means that we are worthy and valuable. When we are busy, we feel hard working, successful, and impressive. I like to call this the “busy badge” that we wear to convince ourselves that being busy means other people will view us as more important.  Throughout this episode, I share with you my thoughts about being chronically busy and why we all deserve some deliberate rest. You will hear about why being busy makes us feel validated, what the term “tunneling” means, the importance of self-care during busy times, and a question to think about this week.  Tune in to episode 41 of Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs to learn all about why being busy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!    In This Episode, You Will Learn:  Why being busy makes us feel validated (2:15)About the need for self care during busy times (9:19)The benefits of not being busy and deliberately resting  (12:47)A question to ponder this week (18:40) Let’s Connect! WebsiteFaceBookInstagramYouTube5 Keys To Breaking the $10K Code Free TrainingWellness Entrepreneur Mastermind Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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