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Hello!!! And welcome to thelotco business podcast.  A show dedicated to helping businesses in the fashion, retail, and design industries not just survive but also thrive!!  It’s a show that brings you tips, tricks, and strategies to help you as an entrepreneur start, manage, and grow your creative business.  If you are a small business and feeling stuck on what to do next or how to actually kick start your idea, then tune in for some straightforward, practical business advice as well as interviews with inspiring females in the fashion, beauty, and homewares space who will share not just what they do, but also how.  We cover marketing, business strategy, finance, motivation, planning, mindset and so much more.  Walk away inspired to know how to start your own business or take these tips to help you grow and love the business you have now. This episode is a little trailer to give you a heads up as to what we will be covering in thelotco business podcast.  So I want to WELCOME you all and I cannot wait for you to listen in... Please take a few moments to leave me a review and subscribe so you don't miss an episode, and I would love it if you could take a screenshot whilst listening and share it to your socials tagging me @thelotco (so I can share it too!). For coaching, courses and business advice with me check out  or come say hi in the DMs on my socials   @thelotco I can’t wait to help you guide you on your small business journey!!!      

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