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Stefi Kerby's brand Celia Loves is sassy, bold, and iconic. She feels like your BFF. Listen to how Stefi creates a magnetic brand and stands out from the pack.

• 42 min

Celia Loves is all about good vibes, bold scents and epic products. Listen to hear how Stefi Kerby (the Founder) is building Celia Loves into an iconic brand and why customers are so important to her. Not many are able to bring a little bit of Europe to Geelong but Stefi has done just that in her latest European collection range!  She shares her love of packaging, infectious nature and love of colour with everyone around her.  Standing out in a sea of candle brands is not easy but Celia Loves works hard on having a strong USP and doesn't try to compete but work with other candle brands to share shelf space with others and complement want else is on the market. Japanese Honeysuckle is her best seller even with a toucan on the label (listen in to hear what her Accountant thought about the packaging!). Stefi shares some great insights and she really is one my wavelength when she talks about data and how important it is to help you run a sustainable and profitable product business.   To check out that wallpaper you can see it here. To take the scent quiz click here and  to follow your nose to Celia Loves candles that are made to burn not collect dust the website is here and you follow Stefi on instagram at  and I'm Mel Robbins! from @thelotco Register for my FREE webinar here And if you want a Roadmap to Building a Profitable Product Business head here for directions! Find more details at Business Coach for product-based businesses. Teaching creative business women how to build a scalable and profitable million-dollar product business. Over 25 years in Retail and Wholesale Sales and Marketing. Grab my 8 step checklist on building a profitable product business.

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