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Brydie Stewart from Mary Maker studio talks all things creative, business and how she is living and building a life that is aligned with her true self.

• 47 min

Brydie Stewart  left her teaching job and started Mary Maker Studio 7 years ago and has not looked back since. I recently heard and saw Brydie speak at Jumbled's -"The Huddle' in Orange and she was one of my favourite speakers on the day.  As well as many others favourites!!  My notebook was filled with her inspirational words. She is a go getter and I absolutely loved talking with her more in this episode.  She shares so many gems of wisdom- I hope you enjoy as much as I did speaking with her!! You can find Brydie  @marymakerstudio Find your Human Design type at Have a question about your product business?  Send me a DM on instagram @thelotco    Keen to build a profitable product business? Grab my free checklist to help you get there!!!. Make sure you send me a DM @thelotco to let me know what you thought of this episode today. Want to find out how we can work together? Book in a FREE call to talk about options. Or you can work with me 1 on1 as a Business Coach by booking here. Follow along on Instagram at @thelotco I'm Mel Robbins! from @thelotco Register for my FREE webinar here And if you want a Roadmap to Building a Profitable Product Business head here for directions! Find more details at Business Coach for product-based businesses. Teaching creative business women how to build a scalable and profitable million-dollar product business. Over 25 years in Retail and Wholesale Sales and Marketing. Grab my 8 step checklist on building a profitable product business.

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