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7 questions to ask yourself to end the year.

• 11 min

Ahhh it is that time of the year right?  You have almost made it. But don't just speed on past. Take some time to reflect and review the year that was. I have 7 quick questions for you to ask yourself that might just make you stop and think.  They might just make you recall something you had forgotten about. Hopefully they will make you realise how much you have achieved and that you have done your best!! If you want a copy of the questions from todays episode in one page grab it here.    Want the deeper dive business in review workbook? Link is here to get it. Make sure you send me a DM @thelotco to let me know what you thought if this quick little episode today. If you want to explore what fabulous free guides and info. I have head to Want to find out how we can work together? I have a membership for Retailers here. I have a program to help you grow your Wholesale revenue here. Click here to find out more about my quick boost your online sales series Or you can work with me 1 on1 as a Business Coach by booking here. Follow along on Instagram at @thelotco I'm Mel Robbins! from @thelotco Register for my FREE webinar here And if you want a Roadmap to Building a Profitable Product Business head here for directions! Find more details at Business Coach for product-based businesses. Teaching creative business women how to build a scalable and profitable million-dollar product business. Over 25 years in Retail and Wholesale Sales and Marketing. Grab my 8 step checklist on building a profitable product business.

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