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10 common mistakes brands make when Wholesaling and what to do about them!!

• 29 min

Do you wholesale your product into Retail stores?  Or are you looking to? Today I want to talk about common mistakes I see brands make and what to do about them.    I have the program called Transform your Wholesale and after running this for over 12 months I see similar things come up again and again.  So today I will give you a list of 10 common mistakes that brands make and how to change them!  SO that you can set yourself up for success and that this can be a valuable revenue stream for your business. I cannot wait to hear what things you might be doing and if this has helped you! Link to my Transform your Wholesale program is here. My freebies guide on Pricing your product and Top 10 tips for WHolesale  can be found at Thank you so much for listening today and to stay in touch you can find me at and on Instagram @thelotco

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