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The Mother's Survival Guide to Cope and Find Joy | Peggy Green

• 52 min

Are you a 'loss traveler'? This is how my guest, Peggy Green, describes herself…a person who equips others with the tools to help them move through the loss of their child and guide them toward being happy again. And she has done this not once, but twice. First when she lost her daughter at only 9 months, and then many years later, her son.  We discuss her book -The Mother's Survival Guide to Cope and Find Joy - a wonderful resource that softens the blow of grief plus... You don’t want to miss: Peggy talk about radical acceptance! the 4 cornerstones of healing dealing with your loved one's belongings PLUS, what happens when you ignore the pain from grief!  Links and resources: Access your FREE resources HERE Follow me on Instagram: @healing2bu_ Facebook: TheBeautifulSideofGrief For more about me and what I do Check out my website Peggy's links Life After Child Loss: The Mother's Survival Guide to Cope and Find Joy on Amazon: Personal Facebook: Thee Grief Specialist Facebook: YouTube: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Website: For your FREE complimentary grief breakthrough session email or in the US text 'breakthrough' to (719) 789-6808 Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any of my weekly interviews and resources. And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and a review? Thanks! Thanks, Gabe Dovaston for the great music! Quote: "It's really about being able to accept what has happened, accept the fact that you can't do anything about it in the past, but then being open to moving forward and being open to growing and walking through what's happened too." ~ Peggy Green

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