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119. Seeing is BELIEVING! | Ian Clark

• 63 min

What would you do if you were facing a life-ending diagnosis at 46? Would you just hunker down and do the best you can? Or would you step outside conventional medicine and thoughts and do whatever it takes?   The latter is what my guest, Ian Clark, did. Facing bankruptcy at the same time as his greatest health challenge, with eight children he didn't want to leave, he used his research skills to get rid of his 'incurable' cancer. This research also led him into groundbreaking areas, including advanced information on how to literally stop the body from aging, and how to self heal all injuries while correcting structural adhesions and distortions.   This is a fascinating conversation that is sure to get you thinking... and you may never look at your health the same way again!     Ian's Bio At 46 years old, I watched my life turn from bad to good. I fell in love with nature and watched it turn my life completely. Now, I am 65 years and I feel healthier than ever. Click the link below to watch my story and hope it inspires someone today!   Quote: "And I thought, why are they losing their health? Is it just because they're older? Or is there something else?" ~ Ian Clark     Resources:   Ian's links: Website: Facebook: IG:  LinkedIn: Product Link (please note this is an affiliate link):           Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Want to check out A Letter of Hope & Aroha (aLoHA)? View on this link   Loved this episode? Leave me a review and rating 💟            

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