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126. The Power of Pebbles & ANGELS | Patti DiMiceli

• 61 min

Can you imagine how you would cope if your only child KNEW they were going to die, and you were only 27? On The Beautiful Side of Grief today I get to speak to Amber's incredible mum, Patti DiMiceli who went through this with Amber at the tender age of 41/2. Amber was not afraid. She even picked out the clothes she wanted to wear to Heaven The story of how Patti and Amber prepared for this event - which she describes it as a Miracle, will bring tears to your eyes - so make sure you have some tissues handy before listening! How Patti viewed this event is also profound -  it is one that has elevated and sustained her, and many others around the world, since Amber's death.   This is a beautiful conversation with a lady I consider an Angel herself with all the incredible work she is doing to ease the pain of others and bring light into their world.   (This is Part 1. Part 2 where we explore the many tools and resources Patti uses in helping others, will feature in Season 7).     Patti's Bio Born in the City of Angels (LA, California) at the Queen of Angels Hospital, Patti knew she was chosen at an early age, though she didn’t know why. And then she discovered a small lump behind her daughter, Amber’s ear, in August of 1979. It was a discovery that would change her life, her destiny, and the world. Her story, chronicled in Amber’s book, Embrace the Angel, challenges the notion of death and invites us to harness the power of “Crossing the Threshold” to enrich the lives of others…to transform this world for the better. Using the tools, skills, and talents given to her by The Divine, Patti created Tobias & Co. LLC, a company devoted to elevating others, offering hope and inspiration to the bereaved and critically ill, and sharing her unique creations that delight the senses, soothe the soul, and lift the spirit.   She has featured in the Associated Press, the Bridgeport Post, the National Enquirer, The Capital, Natural Health Village, the Milford Citizen, New Haven Register, the New Haven Advocate, and on The Morning Show NYC with Regis and Kathy Lee, Channel 30 News, New Haven, CT, Good Day Boston, WUSA News, Washington, DC, WBAL News, Baltimore, MD. Patti has also been named Milford’s Renaissance Woman by the New Haven Advocate.     Quote: "I was standing in line getting something for Amber and I heard 'turn around', and I turned around and there was a big rack of keys, big golden keys, and the words, 'give this to Amber, and tell her it's the key to heaven'." ~ Patti DiMiceli     Resources:   Patti's links: Websites:                 Facebook: IG:   LinkedIn: Book:   Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Check out A Letter of Hope & Aroha (aLoHA) on this link:   Did you find any value in this episode? If so, please leave us a review and rating 💟               And heartfelt Thanks to Gabe Dovaston for the music!

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